Wedding Photography: Kristyn & Pascal at The Sign of The Bellbird

A selection of images from Pascal & Kristyn’s Wedding at the Sign of the Bellbird, on the Summit Road on the Port Hills in Christchurch.

The Sign of the Bellbird is a beautiful, peaceful spot with a great atmosphere, typical of the Port HIlls and a beautiful venue for a small wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed over the Summit Road to take photos with Banks Peninsula and the harbour in the background. After that we went to Victoria Park to take some photos in the playground, and used a picnic table to get a particularly stand-out shot of the Bride & Groom against the sky – I love this shot as they look like they’re on top of the world.

If you’re wondering why all of the images are square format, it’s because I shot the entire wedding on my vintage Hasselblad camera. It takes short rolls of medium-format film (yes, actual film!) – 10 exposures per roll, and each exposure is a massive 6cm x 6cm. The advantage of using such large film is that you get amazing detail, and gradation of tone and focus, however the suspense of waiting for the films to be developed was awful!

As much as I LOVED using this camera, there is a lot to be said for the peace of mind you get when you’re shooting a wedding on a digital camera. These days I use a Nikon D600 that has a full frame sensor with a massive 24MP – all the advantages of large “film” size, with even more advantages of modern technology. I do still use the Hasselblad, but mostly for more relaxed work like my Landscape photography.

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Here are my highlights from Kristyn & Pascal’s wedding – click to enlarge.

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