All in the Past (Part 4) – Venice

Venice: I loved it. I love water, I love boats, I love old buildings, I love coffee, and I love gelato – so, all in all, the perfect place for me to visit. I wish I’d stayed longer. Acutally, I wished I’d stayed longer, but in a less dodgy backpackers/hostel thing. I ended up covered in bed bug bites. I’m itching just thinking about it! Aside from that, it was perfect.

I spent a lot of time riding the water buses up and down the canals and out to the islands, mostly not getting off, just sitting, watching and doing the rounds. Then, I wandered happily about the streets getting lost, finding the flow of tourists again, getting lost again.


All in the Past is a series of images that I took over a 5 week trip to Europe a few years ago. It was my first overseas trip, on my own, all alone. 
Well, mostly alone. I met up with friends whenever our paths crossed (in Paris and again in Rome) and spent a few days with relatives in Vienna and Munich.

The rest of the series can be found here:

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