2012 Volkswagen Nationals

Over Easter we drove down to Dunedin in my 1970 VW Beetle to go to the 2012 New Zealand Volkswagen Nationals. It’s the first time I’ve been to one, so I was really excited – so many VW’s in one place, what could be better?!

On the Saturday we gathered for a cruise out on to the Otago Peninsula, then out along State Highway 1 to Waihola, across to the Taieri River Mouth and back up along a lovely scenic coastal drive to the rendezvous point in Dunedin. It was a lovely drive, and great on some of the long hills to look in the rear view mirror and see so many other VW’s stretched out behind me as far as the eye could see. The only pity was that there wasn’t a scheduled stop along the way to get out, natter, and take yet more photos – there were so many scenic spots that would have been just perfect!

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Show & Shine

On the Sunday we did a quick tour of the Show & Shine. It was held at Forsyth Barr stadium – a good venue in many ways as it was covered, but the event organisers had clearly been told not to put the vehicles on the sports pitch in the centre (and not to let viewers walk on the pitch either), so the vehicles (and viewers) were all crammed up in a line around the perimeter of the pitch, making it really difficult to take good photos.

Seeing so many Volkswagens in one spot was great though, it gave me some really good inspiration for tarting up my Beetle when the time comes, not to mention the eye candy of the Karmann Ghias and Kombis!

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Round the Clock! 
On the way to the Show & Shine my Beetle went round the clock (it’s first time, I think). Obviously we had to stop and record this momentous occasion with a few photos!

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10 thoughts on “2012 Volkswagen Nationals

  1. fantastic photos as ever, thankyou for sharing. @Grumpa Joe – there were a few rabbits there but only a single Scirocco and all were in awkward spots for good photos. Sciroccos in particular are pretty rare in New Zealand.

    1. Not fallen off the face of the earth, but I’d guess not too common in New Zealand. There weren’t many Variants/Type 3’s, and only a couple of Vanagon/Type 25’s at the show which was disappointing too.

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