All in the Past (Part 5) – Salzburg & Vienna


After Venice I travelled by train to Salzburg. Travelling overland rather than flying was great as you really get to see the changing scenery and have a much epic sense of having travelled to another country. Particularly epic for me as I’d accidentally gotten on an earlier train which meant I had to transfer to a bus part way through and then again to another train. I was just a teensy bit worried that I wasn’t going to end up in Salzburg, but thanks to some very lovely Austrian Railway staff, I did. After a few days in Salzburg it was on to Vienna to meet some new cousins and take in the town that my Grandparents knew so well. The new cousins were excellent fun, and in between giving me a series of righteous hangovers chaperoned me around the sites of the city, showing me gems such as the weekly produce market, a Heuriger, and a gorgeous cafe in a vineyard somewhere in the countryside (excellent chocolate cake, if only I could remember where it was…). Having local guides who were keen to show off their city made for a really great visit to the city.






All in the Past is a series of images that I took over a 5 week trip to Europe a few years ago. It was my first overseas trip, on my own, all alone.
Well, mostly alone. I met up with friends whenever our paths crossed (in Paris and again in Rome) and spent a few days with relatives in Vienna and Munich.

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4 thoughts on “All in the Past (Part 5) – Salzburg & Vienna

    1. Thank you! It’s been ages since I looked through them, and putting them in the blog has reminded me of all the amazing experiences I had and the beautiful places I visited – now I want to go back!

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