Snow Day!!

I LOVE a good snow day!

We got our first snowfall of the year yesterday, it’s very early so maybe we’re in for a snowy winter. I braved the conditions and set off to work at the usual time (before sunrise)… what normally takes me 30 minutes took nearly an hour.

Having seen videos of VW Beetles doing donuts in the snow (rear wheel drive + loss of traction = wheeeeeeee!) I was a bit nervous about the drive, but figured if I took it real slow and left heaps of braking space I’d be fine. And I was, but as the snow fell thicker and more furiously throughout the morning I started to get worried about the drive home.

I went home at midday (again, really slowly), and tucked myself up in the warm. At about 4pm I gave up on computer work and decided to brave the cold with my camera… First port of call, the “garage” bay of the barn, where my pride and joy was still covered in snow, then into the vegetable garden to forage under the snow for dinner.

(Update: the Day after Snow Day was even more magical!)

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