The Day After Snow Day

A Frosty Start

This morning we woke up to clear skies and an epic frost. Add that to yesterday’s snowfall and you’ve got the recipe for some really pretty photography moments as the sun is rising!

So I bundled myself up in as many layers as possible and charged out to start enjoying the extremely fresh air and sparkling white covered landscape. After a couple of steps I slowed the charge down to a cautious walk – all of the bits that we’d trampled the day before were seriously icy!

Venturing Out

I found ice crystals on one of our windows, rosemary and a sunrise-pink-sky making a nice backdrop; more ice crystals adorning some of the garden plants, sparkling in the early morning light; and the sunlight filtering through a shelter belt and some apple trees creating a dramatic play of light & shade.

In the chook-orchard the chickens were venturing out in search of breakfast – some more brave than others – the funny wee clucks would take a few steps and then bring up a foot to warm it in their belly feathers, a few more steps and repeat the warming procedure.

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5 thoughts on “The Day After Snow Day

  1. Ice crystals are incredible!! You have a stunning backyard (your chickens??) – where in NZ are you located? I hope to be able to capture snow like this when winter comes around – it’s definitely not easy..

    1. Thanks Christina, it was such a beautiful morning, I couldn’t resist it. Wish I’d taken the time to put socks on in my gumboots though – cold toes!

      Technically they’re my Mum’s chooks. We’re living near Christchurch on my parent’s 10 acre block – we’re living in their barn at the moment because our house was “munted” in the earthquake. Living out there has spoiled me, I couldn’t move back in to the city now 🙂

      1. Stoked you made the cupcakes! Red wine transforms cupcakes huh. I’m going to try it in a chocolate cake next time. Wow, what a lifestyle living on that beautiful land. Love your photos – will keep following to get a snippet of my homeland.

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