Nu Adventures – West Coast

In Which We Visit A Fox

In this installment of our Nu Adventure we shall pick up where we left off on the first Nu Adventures post – waking up on our first morning to a stunning West Coast morning, bacon, eggs, espresso and a fabulous view and felt that all was right and well with the world. Ready everyone? …  *blissful sigh*.

After breakfast we packed up the van, and headed off down the road to be tourists. I had been to Franz Josef Glacier when I was a child, and The Mister had visited on a previous road trip so we drove merrily past that one and carried on to Fox Glacier. Still having issues with the whole “tourist” concept, there were a couple of missed photo ops on the road there, but we’d get in to the swing of it eventually. Whilst the glacier was spectacular, I found a lot of interest in the surrounding landscape – rocky streams…

and the valley that the glacier was receding from. This was particularly dramatic when you consider that ice has carved this landscape. The rock climber in me was eyeing up that rockface there. Luckily for it, the icy river was between us and the cams were safely tucked away in the van.

Back in the carpark we saw this little beauty. We agreed it looked like a very sensible vehicle choice for touring the country and taking in the sights!

Onwards & Downwards

We left Fox and continued down the Coast, along the way on one of the many one way bridges we met with a convoy of hot rods (what a day for classic cars!). They had right of way, so we sat and let them slowly trickle across the bridge… there was heaps of them so we waited a while, but we didn’t mind what with all the eye candy on offer an’ all. This was my particular favourite – chopped roof and matte black. Nicely done, sir, nicely done.

Venture Forth, Good People!

We stopped for lunch at Bruce Bay. A really beautiful spot, totally characteristic of the Coast with a wild beach, crashing waves and windblown trees. All along the road next to the beach were parked camper after camper after camper. The beach however, was pretty much deserted, owing I assume to another characteristic West Coast phenomenom – sandflies. Lots and lots of sandflies. So everyone was tucked up in their vans, sealed away from the bloodthirsty little insects eating their lunch and appreciating the view. The thing with sandflies is though, if you’re moving they find it a bit harder to eat you, so we ventured forth and appreciated the view from on the beach. While moving a lot.

Nu Adventures is the story of our 3 month adventure around the South Island of New Zealand in over Autumn/Winter of 2011. 

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4 thoughts on “Nu Adventures – West Coast

  1. Incredible photos Astrid – makes me miss New Zealand countryside! Do you do any food photography per chance? 😛 Thanks for the comments – are you a frequent visitor to my blog? I love hearing from readers!

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