Portrait Photography: Sue, maternity

The setting for my first ever maternity portrait shoot was, at first glance, less than ideal. Heavy fog with dull flat light… not exactly what you plan on for a portrait session at the beach!

It was definitely one of those “make it work” moments! I packed my new Lensbaby Composer Pro, because that the inherent softness of the Sweet 35 Optic would be complimented by the softness of the light and fog. In the end I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the shots taken with the conventional lens over the Lensbaby shots – both worked well, and the less than ideal conditions actually turned out to be a blessing. The images are soft and lovely, with a little bit of a romance thrown in for good measure which, when you think about it, is perfect for the subject matter.

Sue said she’d been really nervous about the shoot. My job was to make her feel at ease and comfortable so that we ended up with some portraits that are something she will treasure as a memento of this amazing phase of her – and her baby’s – life.

>> Christchurch Portrait Photography Packages & Information

Here are my highlights from my shoot with Sue at 37 weeks… she looks pretty gorgeous, right? – click to enlarge.

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