Wedding Photography: Andrei & June at Mt Sunday

Andrei and June held their wedding ceremony at the absolutely stunning Mount Sunday in the Hakatere Conservation Park. Even if you haven’t been there (by the way you definitely should!) you might recognise it as Edoras from the Lord of the Rings films.

As climbers and mountaineers Andrei and June were keen to have their wedding somewhere that reflected their passion for the outdoors and I don’t think they could have come up with anywhere more spectacular if they’d tried. The blue skies and sheer mountains on all sides were the perfect setting. Their friends did an amazing job helping make their day extra special by lugging seating up to the summit of Mount Sunday, putting balloons on posts on the trail so that guests could find their way, and even pedalling a 3-wheeled mountainbike-cart with drinks & refreshments halfway up – it was a typically boiling hot, sunny, mid-Canterbury late-summer day so I for one was very grateful for the refreshments. June, a florist, had done all the flower arrangements for the reception, a cute handbag-inspired piece for her bridesmaid, the flowergirl’s headband, her own bridal bouquet and the boys’ buttonholes. She had also made a gorgeous moss cushion for the rings to be displayed on until it was time to exchange them.

Their reception was held at Mount Potts lodge, a short drive from Mount Sunday. with a fantastic view and a cute country lodge-style restaurant and bar it was perfect for an intimate wedding reception and had plenty of room for dancing the night away.

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Here are my highlights from Andrei & June’s wedding – click to enlarge.

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