Landscape Photography: Mount Sunday

I love winter hiking, the air is crisp, the mountains are snowy (although not as snowy as I’d like – it’s been a bit of a mild winter!), the sky is almost unbelievably blue, and the light has a slightly golden tone to it. All in all, a perfect recipe for photography.

These images are from a visit to Mount Sunday, and the Ashburton Lakes area. I was introduced to Mount Sunday by Andrei & June who asked me to photograph their wedding here back in March. I knew at first sight of the place that I would HAVE to come back in winter to take some landscapes, and it didn’t disappoint.

As you can see from the panorama image, Mount Sunday is a very small nugget of rock nestled in the middle of a glacial valley, it’s a short (but steep) walk and provides a beautiful view of the headwaters of the Rangitata from the top.

Mount Sunday, Edoras, Ashburton Lakes, Canterbury New Zealand
Panorama of Mount Sunday
Mount Sunday, Edoras, Rangitata River, Canterbury, New Zealand
The view from Mount Sunday towards the headwaters of the Rangitata River.
Lake Roundabout, Ashburton Lakes, Canterbury, New Zealand.
View over Lake Roundabout on the way to visit Mount Sunday
Tussock and stream, near Mount Sunday, Ashburton Lakes, New Zealand. Edoras.
Late afternoon sunlight on some tussock on the approach to Mount Sunday, in the Canterbury High Country, New Zealand.

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