Art Photography: Feather Textures

My birthday present to myself this year was a Fotodiox lens adapter so that I could finally (after more years than I would like to count!) put my OM Auto Bellows macro lens back into use, on my Nikon DSLR.

As soon as the adapter was out of the courier bag I just had to take a few test shots using some peacock feathers I had gathered on my parents farm a few years ago:

Art Photography: A Visit to Orokonui

We’ve been meaning to visit Orokonui Ecosanctuary since we moved to Port Chalmers, and having The Mister’s mum visiting from Scotland finally meant we did. We were all just so thrilled with how many birds we saw, and it was awesome walking around being serenaded by all of the different birds as we went (another visit is definitely on the cards so that Mister can record the birdsong to use in his sound design!). It was awesome, and it will be great inspiration for my other little project: Plum Billy (original textile design & handmade creations).

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Lonely Road at Golden Hour

This wedding season has seen me spend a LOT of time on the road (moving 4 hours drive away will do that!!). I haven’t always had the time to stop and capture the moment if the scenery was photo-worthy, but a week or so ago as I was travelling through Waipara I had the time – and, as luck would have it – it was golden hour.

This stretch of lonely road, looked gorgeous in the golden light. Omihi, near Waipara, really is quite stunning.

Road through Waipara at Dusk, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Art Photography: Foggy morning along Otago Harbour

Otago Harbour was blanketed in fog this morning, we’re currently having a taste of summer-to-come with a heatwave so once the fog burns off we’ll be in for blue skies and balmy temperatures once more. At Deborah Bay the tuis and bellbirds were echoing eerily through the fog, while the water was calm and still. I love the reflections of the moored boats at Deborah Bay when the water is still like this, the fog gives it something extra though by eliminating the horizon so that the boats and their refelctions appear weightless:

Boats & Reflections in fog, Deborah Bay - Dunedin wedding, art and portrait photography

While along the saltmarsh boardwalk at Aramoana the sun was just starting to break through the fog (see the spotlight effect in the grasses in the foreground) while the Otago Peninsula was still hidden from view:

Fog, Aramoana Boardwalk - Dunedin wedding, art and portrait photography


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New Zealand Sea Lion

Living in Dunedin we’re now treated to some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, just this morning we went for a walk along Aramoana beach and came across several snoozing sea lions! Judging by the tracks in the sand if we’d been there a bit earlier then we’d have seen many more as well.


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