Portrait Photography: Newborn

One of the awesome parts of my job is photographing newborns, I just love their tiny squishy baby hands, and cubby little feet!

There’s a lot of unpredictability in photographing babies, and as much as I try to plan a few shots it’s the “real” moments that I love to capture… Sarah giving baby a kiss to reassure her while I photographed baby’s feet is one of my favourites from this shoot!

Portrait Photography: Logan, 4.5 Months

Despite an incoming Southerly, Zara, David & their gorgeous wee boy Logan were troopers and met me for a portrait shoot overlooking Lake Ellesmere, near the Little River Rail Trail at Kaituna. Zara & David are clearly very much in love with their little boy, and the bond between the three of them was wonderful to photograph.

There were way too many adorable moments to choose between, but I managed to select a few favourites as highlights from the shoot…

Portrait Photography: Babies & Bubbles!!

I’ve had so much fun with my portrait sessions this winter! Last Sunday I was asked to do a 5 month old portrait session and for the shoot the kids’ mum had a bubble for the kids to play with. This was an awesome surprise for me, and definitely an idea that I’ll be using again in the future. Giving the kids something fun like this during the shoot was a perfect strategy and the result is a set of photos that are just beautiful: the kids are obviously having a great time, and the dreamy bubbles and winter sun gives the shots a magical feel.

I had a really hard time picking my favourites from this shoot, there were just too many!

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Portrait Photography: Newborn

This adorable bundle of loveliness is baby Coen at 2 weeks old. With newborn shoots I find it’s usually smoother sailing if the session is at the baby’s home – Mum & Dad are more relaxed, and therefore so is baby. This session went perfectly: straight after a mid-morning feed so that Coen was awake & chipper for the shoot, and ready for naptime towards the end… how cute is that tiny baby yawn!!

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Portrait Photography – Sumner Beach

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Oscar & Felix on the beach at Sumner. Doing portrait sessions with kids is always heaps of fun, and the beach is the perfect spot for it, even in winter – and we had a perfect Christchurch winter’s day for it too, with loads of warm sunshine & blue skies.

There’s really no better spot to make sure the kids are having a great time during the shoot, and I had heaps of fun with these two gorgeous wee guys!

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