Portrait Photography: Newborn

One of the awesome parts of my job is photographing newborns, I just love their tiny squishy baby hands, and cubby little feet!

There’s a lot of unpredictability in photographing babies, and as much as I try to plan a few shots it’s the “real” moments that I love to capture… Sarah giving baby a kiss to reassure her while I photographed baby’s feet is one of my favourites from this shoot!

Portrait Photography: Newborn

This adorable bundle of loveliness is baby Coen at 2 weeks old. With newborn shoots I find it’s usually smoother sailing if the session is at the baby’s home – Mum & Dad are more relaxed, and therefore so is baby. This session went perfectly: straight after a mid-morning feed so that Coen was awake & chipper for the shoot, and ready for naptime towards the end… how cute is that tiny baby yawn!!

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Portrait Photography – Cora, newborn

Introducing beautiful baby Cora, images taken when she was 2 weeks old at an at-home shoot in Amberley. Our shoot started off with bathtime which meant I could get some great cuddly towel shots, and it put Cora at ease by keeping her daily routine… or at least that was the theory! Newborn shoots are always unique, and each baby reacts differently to the camera. Cora wasn’t super keen on it, but we took our time (essential whenever kids are involved!!) and after some cuddle time with her Mum she decided the camera was OK after all.

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with baby Cora – click to enlarge.

Portrait Photography: Rory, newborn

I’ve been told SO many times, never work with children or animals (I’m sure every photographer gets told that wee gem), but I’ve never had anything but good experiences photographing either.

Rory was no exception, and was perfectly happy to be photographed. I loved photographing him – tiny hands, tiny feet and so adorable!

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with baby Rory (2 weeks old) – click to enlarge.