Wedding Photography: Hannah & Yasmin

Hannah & Yasmin tied the knot on Sumner Beach in front of Cave Rock.  The weather on their wedding day wasn’t perfect, but they were determined to have their ceremony on the beach – rain or shine! They had some massive umbrellas in case the drizzle didn’t clear, but as luck would have it, the weather cleared just in time, leaving moody skies and somewhat miraculously… a tourist-free beach!

Yasmin’s sari is by far my favourite wedding dress from this season, so luxe! It set the opulent gold and black theme that was carried over into the reception at The Beach Bar nearby.

Here’s my highlights from Hannah & Yasmin’s wedding…

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Wedding Photography: Ruth & Elmer

Ruth & Elmer’s intimate family wedding was a delight to photograph. Their simple ceremony was held at the gorgeous chapel at St Mary’s on Manchester, and followed by canapés in the amazing garden at The Curator’s House and sparklers on the lawn after dark!

Here’s my favourite moments from Ruth & Elmer’s wedding…

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Wedding Photography: Charlotte & Kirsty at Melton Estate

Charlotte & Kirsty’s day was full joy, warmth and SO much love… you can just see the happiness radiating from them.

Despite the drizzle (much needed as it was the weekend after the Port Hills fires!) my two gorgeous brides were all smiles, all day. Melton Estate’s permanent marquee is a beautiful spot for a wet-weather wedding, and the drizzle cleared enough for the bridal party to venture out into the vines where we could take advantage of the soft lighting and intense greens that are the upside of a rainy day: perfect for the girls’ colour scheme of soft creams and deep green!

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Here’s just a few of my favourite moments from Charlotte & Kirsty’s day…

Portrait Photography: Red Tussock

Sarah & Barbara from Red Tussock approached me last year to take some corporate portraits, and some health-coaching themed stock imagery that they could use in advertising and on their website.

The brief was to take photographs of the real people behind Red Tussock doing some of the real activities that they encourage their health coaching clients to participate in, as well as some corporate style head shots of Sarah & Barbara. For the corporate portraits, and consultation imagery, we shot at Christchurch’s Ministry of Awesome, and for the cycling and fitness themed images we went to Hagley Park.

Sarah and Barbara are super energetic, positive people, and they definitely practice what they preach! If you’re in need of some health & wellness coaching I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Red Tussock.


Wedding Photography: Shalom & Sam at Trent’s Vineyard

Shalom & Sam were such a pleasure to photograph, they are so sweet together and their love shines through in every image. You just know that these two have a beautiful future ahead of them.

Not only are they are gorgeous couple, but they (and their families!) had done an outstanding job decorating the dining room and outdoor setting at Trent’s Vineyard.. Big bright sunflowers were everywhere, radiating joy and warmth everywhere you looked.

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Here’s some of my favourite moments from Sam & Shalom’s beautiful day… 

Wedding Photography: Roberta & Brett

Roberta & Brett had their two gorgeous sons as groomsboys, so to get them at their best we had the bridal party photographs at Trents Estate Vineyard before heading to All Saints Church in nearby Prebbleton for the ceremony.

Bert & Brett were such a wonderful couple to photograph: they were easy to capture having a laugh, or a cuddle, and so natural in front of the camera that their images have a very “real” feel to them. What you see is what you get, and what you get is two happy people, dedicated parents, and best friends.

After the ceremony, it was back to Trents for the reception, where the kids had a wonderful surprise waiting for them: Melanie Poppins! She’d brought her bag of magic tricks, and plenty of balloons & bubbles to entertain the kids. Her “assistant”, Harry Potter the rabbit, kept even the very wee kids captivated.

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Here’s my highlights from Roberta & Brett’s Prebbleton wedding… click any image to enlarge.

Wedding Photography: Nicole & Andy in Cheviot

Nicole & Andy were married on a fabulous North Canterbury, blue-sky day on a family farm near Cheviot.

I started off the day in Gore Bay, photographing the boys getting ready and going for a stroll on the beach. Apparently they’d spent much of the morning sitting on the beach, throwing stones into the waves… I can see why, too, it’s an amazing spot and it was a stunning morning to just sit and chill.

The girls had also had a relaxing morning having a yoga & meditation session. Nicole told me that during the meditation she was visualising the ice-cream pyramid that the caterers were making as part of the dessert! By the time I caught up with them hair & make-up was well under way, and nerves were starting to set in a little bit.

The ceremony took place at the homestead up the hill, where there was amazing views out over the Waiau River. After the ceremony the bridal party, film crew and I went for a drive right up to the very top of the hills on the farm. The views on both sides were jaw-dropping! We had the Waiau River mouth and ocean to our left, and all of North Canterbury to our right with the Alps in the distance. Not only was the scenery stunning, but Nicole, Andy, and the bridal party all looked fantastic too!

After photography it was back down the hills to the Spotswood Community Hall for the reception (and that ice-cream pyramid Nicole had been waiting for!). During dessert I dragged Nicole, her ice-cream, and Andy out to take advantage of the stunning sunset. It was definitely a wedding to remember!

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Here’s my highlights from the day…

Wedding Photography: Laura & Morgan at Mt Vernon Lodge

Laura & Morgan’s day was a little rainy to start off with, but their positivity, love and energy shone through. With their friends, family, and baby daughter they celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Mt Vernon Lodge.

The rain eased off later in the afternoon just in time for photographs down by the lighthouse, harbour and jetty. Laura’s mum had hired an awesome vintage car for the photoshoot, so we stopped off at the boat ramp for some shots with the harbour and super dramatic clouds as a backdrop. The very last stop was at the beach, where Morgan’s sister drew a hear with the couple’s initials in the sand – so sweet!

A rainy day turned out to be a bit of a photographer’s blessing – dramatic after-rain cloudy skies, soft light, and a tourist-free beach!

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Here’s my highlights from Laura & Morgan’s day…