Wedding Photography: Nicole & Andy in Cheviot

Nicole & Andy were married on a fabulous North Canterbury, blue-sky day on a family farm near Cheviot.

I started off the day in Gore Bay, photographing the boys getting ready and going for a stroll on the beach. Apparently they’d spent much of the morning sitting on the beach, throwing stones into the waves… I can see why, too, it’s an amazing spot and it was a stunning morning to just sit and chill.

The girls had also had a relaxing morning having a yoga & meditation session. Nicole told me that during the meditation she was visualising the ice-cream pyramid that the caterers were making as part of the dessert! By the time I caught up with them hair & make-up was well under way, and nerves were starting to set in a little bit.

The ceremony took place at the homestead up the hill, where there was amazing views out over the Waiau River. After the ceremony the bridal party, film crew and I went for a drive right up to the very top of the hills on the farm. The views on both sides were jaw-dropping! We had the Waiau River mouth and ocean to our left, and all of North Canterbury to our right with the Alps in the distance. Not only was the scenery stunning, but Nicole, Andy, and the bridal party all looked fantastic too!

After photography it was back down the hills to the Spotswood Community Hall for the reception (and that ice-cream pyramid Nicole had been waiting for!). During dessert I dragged Nicole, her ice-cream, and Andy out to take advantage of the stunning sunset. It was definitely a wedding to remember!

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Here’s my highlights from the day…

Wedding Photography: Laura & Morgan at Mt Vernon Lodge

Laura & Morgan’s day was a little rainy to start off with, but their positivity, love and energy shone through. With their friends, family, and baby daughter they celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Mt Vernon Lodge.

The rain eased off later in the afternoon just in time for photographs down by the lighthouse, harbour and jetty. Laura’s mum had hired an awesome vintage car for the photoshoot, so we stopped off at the boat ramp for some shots with the harbour and super dramatic clouds as a backdrop. The very last stop was at the beach, where Morgan’s sister drew a hear with the couple’s initials in the sand – so sweet!

A rainy day turned out to be a bit of a photographer’s blessing – dramatic after-rain cloudy skies, soft light, and a tourist-free beach!

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Here’s my highlights from Laura & Morgan’s day…

Wedding Photography: Stephanie & Tim at Arthurs Pass

Here’s some highlights from Stephanie & Tim’s stunning September wedding…

Arthurs Pass could have been a bit of a weather-gamble at that time of year, but they were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. The girls had their hair & make-up done at a B&B at nearby Bealey, while the boys were off having a very adventurous morning: skiing, running and mountain biking!

After the ceremony at the Arthurs Pass chapel we had photographs at the stone bridge and waterfall nearby, then chased the sun down to Klondyke Corner. Then it was back to the B&B for a cup of tea & chill-out, before joining their guests for the reception at the Bealey Hotel.

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Wedding Photography: Lizi & Jon at Rossburn Receptions

It’s been ages since I’ve posted any new photos! These aren’t totally new (although the new season is about to kick off… ) as they’re from Lizi & Jon’s gorgeous winter wedding in June.

We had classic Canterbury weather for their special day: bluebird skies, and surprisingly warm. The blue skies and the last of the autumn foliage lit up spectacularly for their photos in the late-afternoon, simply gorgeous!

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Wedding Photography: Kayla & Damon at Flaxmere Gardens

Some highlights from the gorgeous wedding of Kayla & Damon. These 2 were SO MUCH FUN to work with, and their families & friends were amazing too.

Favourite moments from the day… too many to list, but here’s a few: the boys arriving (they almost didn’t make it…. the car was overheating), laughing, nearly crying during the ceremony (I’m a sook), laughing again, paua fritters, and the massive hug Kayla gave me when I left.

Wedding Photography: Alyssa & Nate at The Iris Garden

Here are some of my favourite shots from Alyssa & Nate’s whimsical wedding at The Iris Garden in Motukarara.

Alyssa told me that their wedding would be anything but typical, and she was so right. Their day was a perfect expression of the two of them: quirky, elegant, joyful, and so full of love. I’m still not sure how, but Alyssa even managed to look effortlessly elegant lounging on the bouncy castle!

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Wedding Photography: Sarah & Justin at Pemberton

Here are some of my favourite shots from Sarah & Justin’s gorgeous wedding at Pemberton in Prebbleton.

Sarah & Justin are such a sweet couple and I had so much fun with them and their bridal party! Despite unbelievable heat and a few other tribulations it was an amazing day, full of love, and laughter – a beautiful celebration of a beautiful couple.

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Wedding Photography: Rebecca & Glen at St Stephens & Cossars

Rebecca & Glen’s wedding day was anything but ordinary! Rebecca got ready with her bridesmaids and family at the Lincoln Motel, and she was dressed and ready to go with such efficiency that we had time to mosey across the road for a drink at The Laboratory – an amazing pub, with a really interesting building that was lovingly put together using as many recycled materials from earthquake-damaged buildings in Christchurch as possible, the result is a building that oozes character, and the interior is just a treasure trove of awesome. I had been hoping to meet up with Glen & the groomsmen at the other pub in Lincoln, the Famous Grouse, for some pre-wedding photography, but by the time I was finished with the girls the boys had finished their beers and were on their way to St Stephens Church for the ceremony. After the ceremony we made our way to Cossars for the reception, stopping at the stone archway to the rugby grounds for some photographs on our way. Despite the overcast, sometimes drizzly weather, the vineyard and surrounds at Cossars looked amazing (as always!), lush and vibrantly green.

Here’s some of my favourite moments from Rebecca & Glen’s day (click to enlarge)…

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