Wedding Photography: Tom & Lynne at Tai Tapu

Lynne & Tom’s wedding was held in his parent’s spectacular rose garden in Tai Tapu, and it was the perfect setting for a touching and sweet ceremony surrounded by their friends, family, and their gorgeous wee boy. We had a few photographs on site in the gardens, and then had time to stop off at a few spots around Tai Tapu on the way to the reception.

Wedding Photography: Jodie & Vic at Melton Estate

Jodie & Vic’s autumn wedding at Melton Estate was simply gorgeous. Despite the drizzle, the day was perfect! And because of the drizzle the colours were lush, and the light was soft and beautiful.

Looking back through their images as I was editing them, the thing that stuck out most was how much they make each other laugh, and how much their love for each other just beams. All you need is love, and these two certainly have that!

Lonely Road at Golden Hour

This wedding season has seen me spend a LOT of time on the road (moving 4 hours drive away will do that!!). I haven’t always had the time to stop and capture the moment if the scenery was photo-worthy, but a week or so ago as I was travelling through Waipara I had the time – and, as luck would have it – it was golden hour.

This stretch of lonely road, looked gorgeous in the golden light. Omihi, near Waipara, really is quite stunning.

Road through Waipara at Dusk, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Wedding Photography: Charlotte & Kirsty at Melton Estate

Charlotte & Kirsty’s day was full joy, warmth and SO much love… you can just see the happiness radiating from them.

Despite the drizzle (much needed as it was the weekend after the Port Hills fires!) my two gorgeous brides were all smiles, all day. Melton Estate’s permanent marquee is a beautiful spot for a wet-weather wedding, and the drizzle cleared enough for the bridal party to venture out into the vines where we could take advantage of the soft lighting and intense greens that are the upside of a rainy day: perfect for the girls’ colour scheme of soft creams and deep green!

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Here’s just a few of my favourite moments from Charlotte & Kirsty’s day…

Wedding Photography: Roberta & Brett

Roberta & Brett had their two gorgeous sons as groomsboys, so to get them at their best we had the bridal party photographs at Trents Estate Vineyard before heading to All Saints Church in nearby Prebbleton for the ceremony.

Bert & Brett were such a wonderful couple to photograph: they were easy to capture having a laugh, or a cuddle, and so natural in front of the camera that their images have a very “real” feel to them. What you see is what you get, and what you get is two happy people, dedicated parents, and best friends.

After the ceremony, it was back to Trents for the reception, where the kids had a wonderful surprise waiting for them: Melanie Poppins! She’d brought her bag of magic tricks, and plenty of balloons & bubbles to entertain the kids. Her “assistant”, Harry Potter the rabbit, kept even the very wee kids captivated.

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Here’s my highlights from Roberta & Brett’s Prebbleton wedding… click any image to enlarge.

Wedding Photography: Laura & Morgan at Mt Vernon Lodge

Laura & Morgan’s day was a little rainy to start off with, but their positivity, love and energy shone through. With their friends, family, and baby daughter they celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Mt Vernon Lodge.

The rain eased off later in the afternoon just in time for photographs down by the lighthouse, harbour and jetty. Laura’s mum had hired an awesome vintage car for the photoshoot, so we stopped off at the boat ramp for some shots with the harbour and super dramatic clouds as a backdrop. The very last stop was at the beach, where Morgan’s sister drew a hear with the couple’s initials in the sand – so sweet!

A rainy day turned out to be a bit of a photographer’s blessing – dramatic after-rain cloudy skies, soft light, and a tourist-free beach!

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Here’s my highlights from Laura & Morgan’s day…

Wedding Photography: Stephanie & Tim at Arthurs Pass

Here’s some highlights from Stephanie & Tim’s stunning September wedding…

Arthurs Pass could have been a bit of a weather-gamble at that time of year, but they were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. The girls had their hair & make-up done at a B&B at nearby Bealey, while the boys were off having a very adventurous morning: skiing, running and mountain biking!

After the ceremony at the Arthurs Pass chapel we had photographs at the stone bridge and waterfall nearby, then chased the sun down to Klondyke Corner. Then it was back to the B&B for a cup of tea & chill-out, before joining their guests for the reception at the Bealey Hotel.

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