Portrait Photography: Outdoor Family Portraits

Rebecca & Grainger were visiting Christchurch briefly for a family holiday and decided to squeeze in a family portrait session to mark the occasion.

I met them at the luxurious Peppers Clearwater Resort and photographed them and their kids onsite. The duckpond proved to be great entertainment for the kids, and a good opportunity for everyone to relax and get used to the camera. Christchurch had put on a fabulous winter’s day for the shoot – starting with a minus 4 degree frost! – and the classic blue-dome sky reflected in the pond with frosty grass and clear light made for some lovely shots that are very representative of Christchurch. Ideal for a holiday memento!

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Loganburn Reservoir

Over Easter weekend we drove down to Otago (for the Volkswagen National show) and stayed with some friends who took us to an amazing fishing spot. I’m so so so glad I brought my camera with me so that I could photograph this magical location: a sky so perfectly deep blue, barely the slightest puff of wind to ruffle the reservoir, and rolling tussok covered hills. It was so beautiful that I really didn’t care if we caught any fish or not.

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