Portrait Photography: Family Celebrations

One of my brides for the upcoming wedding season asked me to do a portrait session to commemorate her parent’s wedding anniversary. Often once families spread out it can be quite a long time between gatherings where the whole family is present. Those rare occasions when the whole family can come together to celebrate are so special, definitely moments to treasure.

Portrait Photography: Newborn

This adorable bundle of loveliness is baby Coen at 2 weeks old. With newborn shoots I find it’s usually smoother sailing if the session is at the baby’s home – Mum & Dad are more relaxed, and therefore so is baby. This session went perfectly: straight after a mid-morning feed so that Coen was awake & chipper for the shoot, and ready for naptime towards the end… how cute is that tiny baby yawn!!

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Portrait Photography: Outdoor Family Portraits

Rebecca & Grainger were visiting Christchurch briefly for a family holiday and decided to squeeze in a family portrait session to mark the occasion.

I met them at the luxurious Peppers Clearwater Resort and photographed them and their kids onsite. The duckpond proved to be great entertainment for the kids, and a good opportunity for everyone to relax and get used to the camera. Christchurch had put on a fabulous winter’s day for the shoot – starting with a minus 4 degree frost! – and the classic blue-dome sky reflected in the pond with frosty grass and clear light made for some lovely shots that are very representative of Christchurch. Ideal for a holiday memento!

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Portrait Photography: Rory, age 2

My first official portrait model, Rory, is now 2! He’s now a VERY active little boy, so we had a lot of action-shots at this session.

In keeping with my art-documentary approach I don’t take props to a shoot. I think kids in particular respond best to their own toys and in a familiar environment, and it results in more real photos of this moment in his life. The shoot took place at their home, and mostly centred around Rory playing on his favourite toy: a balance bike. After a run-around outside (Rory’s dad was also a great sport and got in on the action in a few shots) we moved inside where we had a few more quiet moments.

When I was working on these images I had a look back at his newborn and 5-month shoots and it’s crazy how much he’s grown – the first few years go by so fast that it’s great to have a record of them.

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with Rory – click to enlarge.

Portrait Photography – Cora, newborn

Introducing beautiful baby Cora, images taken when she was 2 weeks old at an at-home shoot in Amberley. Our shoot started off with bathtime which meant I could get some great cuddly towel shots, and it put Cora at ease by keeping her daily routine… or at least that was the theory! Newborn shoots are always unique, and each baby reacts differently to the camera. Cora wasn’t super keen on it, but we took our time (essential whenever kids are involved!!) and after some cuddle time with her Mum she decided the camera was OK after all.

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with baby Cora – click to enlarge.

Portrait Photography: Sue, maternity

The setting for my first ever maternity portrait shoot was, at first glance, less than ideal. Heavy fog with dull flat light… not exactly what you plan on for a portrait session at the beach!

It was definitely one of those “make it work” moments! I packed my new Lensbaby Composer Pro, because that the inherent softness of the Sweet 35 Optic would be complimented by the softness of the light and fog. In the end I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the shots taken with the conventional lens over the Lensbaby shots – both worked well, and the less than ideal conditions actually turned out to be a blessing. The images are soft and lovely, with a little bit of a romance thrown in for good measure which, when you think about it, is perfect for the subject matter.

Sue said she’d been really nervous about the shoot. My job was to make her feel at ease and comfortable so that we ended up with some portraits that are something she will treasure as a memento of this amazing phase of her – and her baby’s – life.

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with Sue at 37 weeks… she looks pretty gorgeous, right? – click to enlarge.

Portrait Photography: Rory, 5 Months

Some of my favourites from a shoot with Mel and her son Rory who is now 5 months old – he’s grown so much since his newborn shoot, and what a cutie!

I was extremely fortunate that we got a clear evening, gorgeous golden light through the trees as the sun was going down, and Rory was once again a perfect model – smiley and really happy to be photographed.

I don’t want to jinx it, but so far photographing babies and infants has been really fun… no tears, no tantrums… long may that continue!

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with Rory – click to enlarge.

Portrait Photography: Rory, newborn

I’ve been told SO many times, never work with children or animals (I’m sure every photographer gets told that wee gem), but I’ve never had anything but good experiences photographing either.

Rory was no exception, and was perfectly happy to be photographed. I loved photographing him – tiny hands, tiny feet and so adorable!

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Here are my highlights from my shoot with baby Rory (2 weeks old) – click to enlarge.