Lonely Road at Golden Hour

This wedding season has seen me spend a LOT of time on the road (moving 4 hours drive away will do that!!). I haven’t always had the time to stop and capture the moment if the scenery was photo-worthy, but a week or so ago as I was travelling through Waipara I had the time – and, as luck would have it – it was golden hour.

This stretch of lonely road, looked gorgeous in the golden light. Omihi, near Waipara, really is quite stunning.

Road through Waipara at Dusk, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Remains of an old jetty at Charleston

My winter blues were well and truly chased away by this brilliant sunset at Charleston, on the West Coast. This is a beautiful beach and was an amazing spot to spend a weekend away.

I was immediately captivated by the remains of this old jetty, which must have belonged to one of the cute little beach houses along the shore. The sand was fascinating as well, the hues of pink and grey give the illusion of water rushing in around the broken poles.

Charleston, West Coast, NZ, Sunset, Jetty

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